Online Basic EMDR Training

This online 8-day intensive experiential EMDR basic training will introduce participants to the safe and efficient use of the EMDR approach with a wide range of patients and situations.  This training program is approved by the EMDR International Association, a professional association which has established standards for EMDR practice and training.  This course meets the Basic Training requirements towards certification by the EMDR International Association.

The Basic Training instructors, Deany Laliotis, and Dan Merlis, each have 35+ years of clinical/traumatology experience and have taught and practiced EMDR for 25+ years.  Deany has as worked closely for many years with the founder of EMDR, Dr. Francine Shapiro, and has served for over 10 years as the Director of Training for Dr. Shapiro’s EMDR Institute.  Deany and Dan have been offering basic and advanced EMDR trainings for many years and are regarded as among the most skillful EMDR trainers and presenters in the field.  The training staff that assist in the EMDR trainings are highly experienced EMDR therapists and consultants.  They have all been in consultation and intensive training with Deany and Dan for years.

EMDR has become invaluable for psychotherapists of all major orientations, including psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, somatic, and gestalt.  It is a psychotherapy approach which is readily integrated into one’s clinical practice and can be learned in a modest period of time.We have developed a training format which will optimally prepare clinicians for using EMDR in almost all clinical practice settings.

This is an experiential training.  Participants will be using EMDR with each other in small groups to reprocess memories of disturbing life experiences in order to gain familiarity with how clients experience EMDR processing effects as well as to acquire and develop the necessary practitioner skills before beginning work with actual clients.  The practice groups will be facilitated by highly experienced EMDR clinicians and consultants.