EMDR Books

The basic text for all EMDRIA-approved courses in EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing [EMDR] Therapy, 3rd edition, by Francine Shapiro.  Participants are expected to have purchased and completed a first reading of chapters 1-9 and 12 prior to the first training weekend.  The training will expand upon and amplify the material covered in these chapters.  This book is available online.

 The following books are recommended reading and will be useful in broadening your knowledge base of EMDR as you move along in your basic training and afterwards.  This list does not include all of the excellent books published on EMDR but includes those which I believe to be most useful for the beginning and intermediate EMDR therapist.

There are many excellent books available which provide useful information regarding brain science and human attachment as it relates to psychotherapy.  At this time, I am recommending Louis Cozolino’s book:

For those clinicians who work with children, I am recommending three books.  They are very readable and will provide a solid foundation for EMDR work with children. 

The following is an excellent text for integrating EMDR with family and marital therapy as well as therapy with children and  those with attachment disorders.

The following book is useful for introducing EMDR to colleagues and clients.  It provides an overview of the EMDR model and offers useful self-help techniques to help people stay more present-focused.

This book is written by clinicians with extensive experience in the EMDR treatment of combat trauma.

The following two books are useful texts for working with complex PTSD and dissociative disorders utilizing EMDR and ego state therapy:

The following two books edited by Robin Shapiro contain numerous articles by experienced EMDR therapists on the use of EMDR with select treatment populations.  A number of these articles will be useful for the beginning and intermediate EMDR therapist

The following treatment manual and CD by Mark Grant is helpful in understanding how to approach the treatment of chronic pain with EMDR

This book is very helpful in better understanding and helping to heal culturally-based trauma